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Best Staff in Town

1915436_10208338019879017_6601269241835567549_nHi, This is Pete. Welcome to my Web Site…  What makes Martini’s so great,, YOU DO,,, We have the best guests. At Martini’s there is always plenty going on, from our weekly sip and paint nites to our annual Drag Show, Monthly Comedy and everything in between. Live Music weeknights at 7, ( for the older crowd), and late nite Karaoke at 10pm for those that want to stay a bit later. Great food specials ranging from Lobster Nite to 20 oz Prime Rib Night, both at unheard of prices! Our food is worth bragging about !!  Our Limo will pick you up or bring you home free of charge, (no reason to drink and drive – local area). All our regular drinks contain 1.5 oz of alcohol, our wine is an 8 oz pour, and our specialty Martinis contain over 3 oz of alcohol. Join our Birthday Club and get 20$ to celebrate. This place is OLD SCHOOL, it is hard not to have a good time. The staff is quick, friendly and very responsive. The separate dining room is kid friendly and also available for private parties.

If you do not find it on this site, you can always call me 301-343-2058. Thanks for your support

  • Future Employee

    This could be you!

  • Lindsey T. (Manager/ Lead Bartender)

    I love it here, let me be the one to make your favorite drinks. Stop in anytime, I'm always smiling and ready to be your new friend.

  • Brandi J. (Bartender)

    Hi, come try to stump me, I love the challenge of whipping up any new and exciting libations! I'm here almost every night, always projecting a great attitude. I'm never bored and you can always catch me dancing behind the bar.

  • Hannah H. (Seasonal Barback)

    Just a college kid trying to pay tuition. I come every summer to help my uncle Pete out and hopefully leave with enough money to pay for next years books, pens, and paper. Keep those dirty dishes coming!

  • Gabe L. (IT/Tech)

    IT Tech sounds like a fancy title, but what I really do is make sure all the cameras are working to keep you safe and our wifi signal stays strong, so you can stay in touch. If you ever have trouble connecting, make sure you reach out to me.

  • Kim A. (Server)

    I love my job! I've been at Martini's for over a year now, and enjoy meeting all the new and exciting people that come here. I have tons of energy and am always smiling. Let me wait on you.

  • Drew J. (Assistant to the Chef)

    How's this for justice? Our most educated team member doing the job that requires the least education. What a way to spend your retirement after 30 years with the Charles County school system. I think I love this so much, because the bottles don't talk back and dogs never eat my homework.

  • Lena R. (Senior Server)

    Hi everyone, you all know me, because I've been here longer than anyone. I've got the best smile, the best hair, and the best dance moves, come check me out.

  • Cakes (Karaoke, DJ, Whatever Pete Needs)

    Let everyone know I am what keeps Martini's together. I love Pete! And help with anything he ever needs. My forte is karaoke where you will find me every Thursday night. Any other night I'm the go to girl at Martini's... from the dining room to the kitchen... a true Jill of all trades.

  • Daryl P. (Limo Driver/Security)

    You can always feel comfortable knowing that I'm guarding the front door. No bad guys will come in. If you ever feel that you don't want to drive, I'll whip out my other hat and ride you home in luxury.

  • Travis (Barback)

    Who,s the one to keep the beer cold and the dishes clean,,, So maybe the most important job !

  • Nina (Chef)

    Under Construction

  • Ally (Server)

    She may look small, but she moves fast,, order from Ally and it's ticket to table in no time !!